School of Business /cgi-bin/koha/ RSS feed for public list School of Business Accounting principles / by Weygandt, Jerry J. /cgi-bin/koha/ Advertising and promotion : by Belch, George E. /cgi-bin/koha/ Analysis of investments & management of portfolios / by Reilly, Frank k. /cgi-bin/koha/ Applied statistics and probability for engineers / by Montgomery, Douglas C., /cgi-bin/koha/ Bangladesh income tax : by Shil, Nikhil Chandra. /cgi-bin/koha/ Bangladesh Studies / by Ataur Rahman, M., /cgi-bin/koha/ Bangladesh Studies and Culture / by Das, Dr. Sumon /cgi-bin/koha/ Business communication : by Lesikar, Raymond Vincent. /cgi-bin/koha/ Business communication : by Lesikar, Raymond Vincent. /cgi-bin/koha/ Business correspondence and report writing : by Sharma, R. C. /cgi-bin/koha/ Business data processing and computer applications / by Reddy, R. Jayaprakash. /cgi-bin/koha/ Business mathematics / by Sancheti, D.C. /cgi-bin/koha/ Business Mathematics / by Rafiqul Islam, Md., /cgi-bin/koha/ Business statistics / by Gupta, S. P. /cgi-bin/koha/ Commercial bank management / by Rose, Peter S. /cgi-bin/koha/ Commercial law (including company law) and industrial law : Business Law/ by Sen, Arun Kumar /cgi-bin/koha/ Communication for business : by Taylor, Shirley. /cgi-bin/koha/ Concepts in strategic management and business policy : by Wheelen, Thomas L., /cgi-bin/koha/ Consumer behavior / by Schiffman, Leon G. /cgi-bin/koha/ Corporate finance / by Ross, Stephen A. /cgi-bin/koha/ Corporate governance : by Tricker, Bob /cgi-bin/koha/ Corporate Governance : by Fernando, A. C., /cgi-bin/koha/ Cost Accounting : by Horngren, Charles T., /cgi-bin/koha/ Crafting and executing strategy : by Thompson, Arthur A. Jr., /cgi-bin/koha/ Customer relationship management : by Zikmund, William G. /cgi-bin/koha/ E-commerce : by Laudon, Kenneth C., /cgi-bin/koha/ Economics / by Samuelson, Paul A. /cgi-bin/koha/ Effective business communication / by Murphy, Herta A. /cgi-bin/koha/ Entrepreneurial development / by Khanka, S. S. /cgi-bin/koha/ Entrepreneurship / by Hisrich, Robert D. /cgi-bin/koha/ Entrepreneurship development : by Nazrul Islam /cgi-bin/koha/ Essentials of managerial finance / by Besley, Scott, /cgi-bin/koha/ Financial Accounting / by Libby, Robert, /cgi-bin/koha/ Financial management : by Brigham, Eugene F., /cgi-bin/koha/ Financial management and policy / by Van Horne, James C. /cgi-bin/koha/ Financial statement analysis / by Foster, George, /cgi-bin/koha/ Fundamental Methods of Mathematical Economics / by Chiang, Alpha C., /cgi-bin/koha/ Fundamentals of management : by Robbins, P. Stephen, /cgi-bin/koha/ Human resource information systems : /cgi-bin/koha/ Human Resource Management : Text & Cases / by Akkas, M. A. /cgi-bin/koha/ Human resource management / by Decenzo, A. David /cgi-bin/koha/ Human Resource Management and Industrial Relations / by Khan, Abdul Awal /cgi-bin/koha/ Industrial Relations and Labor Movement in Bangladesh / by Ahmad, Iqbal, /cgi-bin/koha/ Integrated Advertising, Promotion, and Marketing Communications / by Clow, Kenneth E., /cgi-bin/koha/ Intermediate accounting / by Kieso, Donald E. /cgi-bin/koha/ International business : by Hill, Charles W. L. /cgi-bin/koha/ International business : by Daniels, John D. /cgi-bin/koha/ International business : by Daniels, John D. /cgi-bin/koha/ International human resource management : by Tayeb, Monir H. /cgi-bin/koha/ International marketing / by Cateora, Philip R. /cgi-bin/koha/ Introduction to management : by Schermerhorn, John R., /cgi-bin/koha/ Introduction to psychology / by Morgan, Clifford Thomas. /cgi-bin/koha/ Investments / by Bodie, Zvi, /cgi-bin/koha/ Macroeconomics : by Ahuja, H. L. /cgi-bin/koha/ Macroeconomics / by Dornbusch, Rudiger. /cgi-bin/koha/ Management : by Weihrich, Heinz. /cgi-bin/koha/ Management : by Griffin, Ricky W. /cgi-bin/koha/ Management : Theory and application / by Kreitner, Robert. /cgi-bin/koha/ Management / by Griffin, Ricky W. /cgi-bin/koha/ Management / by Stoner, James Arthur Finch, /cgi-bin/koha/ Management / by Robbins, P. Stephen, /cgi-bin/koha/ Management information systems : by Laudon, Kenneth C., /cgi-bin/koha/ Management information systems : by Laudon, Kenneth C., /cgi-bin/koha/ Management information systems / by O'Brien, James A., /cgi-bin/koha/ Managerial accounting / by Garrison, Ray H. /cgi-bin/koha/ Managerial Accounting for Engineers / by Syed, Mahmood, /cgi-bin/koha/ Marketing for Hospitality and Tourism / by Kotler, Philip. /cgi-bin/koha/ Marketing management / by Kotler, Philip. /cgi-bin/koha/ Marketing research : by Malhotra, Naresh K. /cgi-bin/koha/ Microeconomics : by Baumol, William J. /cgi-bin/koha/ Microeconomics / by Samuelson, Paul A. /cgi-bin/koha/ Modern economic theory / by Dewett, Kewal Krishan. /cgi-bin/koha/ Neo Service Marketing Strategy for Quality Education / by Azim, A K M Iqbal, /cgi-bin/koha/ Operations management : by Krajewski, Lee J., /cgi-bin/koha/ Operations management / by Stevenson, William J. /cgi-bin/koha/ Organization development : by French, Wendell L., /cgi-bin/koha/ Organization Development & Change / by Cummings, Thomas G., /cgi-bin/koha/ Organizational behavior : by Luthans, Fred. /cgi-bin/koha/ Organizational behavior : by Newstrom, John W. /cgi-bin/koha/ Organizational behavior / by Robbins, P. Stephen, /cgi-bin/koha/ Principles of macroeconomics / by Mankiw, N. Gregory. /cgi-bin/koha/ Principles of managerial finance / by Gitman, Lawrence J. /cgi-bin/koha/ Principles of marketing / by Kotler, Philip. /cgi-bin/koha/ Principles of microeconomics : by Ahuja, H. L. /cgi-bin/koha/ Principles of microeconomics / by Mankiw, N. Gregory. /cgi-bin/koha/ Principles of Risk Management and Insurance / by Rejda, George E., /cgi-bin/koha/ Probability and statistics / by DeGroot, Morris H., /cgi-bin/koha/ Product Management / by Lehmann, Donald R., /cgi-bin/koha/ Product strategy and management / by Baker, Michael, /cgi-bin/koha/ Production and operations management : by Kumar, S. Anil, /cgi-bin/koha/ Project management, planning, and control : by Lester, Albert. /cgi-bin/koha/ Research methodology : by Kothari, C. R. /cgi-bin/koha/ Research methodology : by Kothari, C. R. /cgi-bin/koha/ Research methodology : by Kumar, Ranjit. /cgi-bin/koha/ Security Analysis and Portfolio Management / by Kevin, S., /cgi-bin/koha/ Services Marketing : by Zeithaml, Valarie A., /cgi-bin/koha/ SPSS Basics : by Holcomb, Zealure C., /cgi-bin/koha/ Statistical techniques in business & economics / by Lind, Douglas A. /cgi-bin/koha/ Statistical techniques in business & economics / by Lind, Douglas A. /cgi-bin/koha/ Strategic brand management: by Keller, Kevin Lane, /cgi-bin/koha/ Strategic human resource management : by Greer, Charles R. /cgi-bin/koha/ Strategic Management : by Dess, Gregory G., /cgi-bin/koha/ Strategic Management / by Hitt, Michael A., /cgi-bin/koha/ Strategic Management Concepts : by David, Fred R., /cgi-bin/koha/ Taxation in Bangladesh : by Mahmud, Monjur Morshed /cgi-bin/koha/ Training for development / by Lynton, Rolf P. /cgi-bin/koha/ Viva- Facts On File guide to research / by Lenburg, Jeff. /cgi-bin/koha/ Working capital management : by Bhattacharya, Hrishikes, /cgi-bin/koha/ গবেষণা পদ্ধতি / by জাহিদ, এস. জে. আনোয়ার, /cgi-bin/koha/ বাংলাদেশ শ্রম ও শিল্প আইন : by Dhar, Nirmalendu /cgi-bin/koha/